Gobos are an easy way to add texture, design and dimension to a roomRosco metal gobos used with a Source 4 light can project an image to add depth to a surface, like a wall or floor. Gobos can also add things to a room that wasn’t already there, like a chandelier, window, or a door.

Click the Rosco link to steel gobos and see what’s available or go to custom gobo to see what you can create.
You can also have custom Gobos designed of a company’s logo, bride and groom’s names or even a picture. The possibilities are endless.


Up-Lights are just De'Lights specialty.We pride ourselves in adding mood, tempo and ambiance to your chosen space. Be it a small hotel room of 20 people or massive hall for a 1000. We can change any place to be of absolute splendor and beauty. Let out lighting coordinators discuss with you how far your dreams can really go